About Carolyn Dew, R.Ac, R.TCMP

Carolyn Dew

Carolyn was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Deeply interested in sports, health, and the human body, Carolyn completed a degree in Physical and Health Education at the University of Toronto. Once Carolyn was introduced to Traditional Chinese Medicine, she quickly realized it was the right fit for her professionally and personally. Her desire to immerse herself in this ancient medical system resulted in a move west to Victoria, British Columbia to study at Canada’s premier institute.

She completed four years of full-time study at the acclaimed Canadian College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2003 and earned her Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has been a licensed practitioner and a member in good standing with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture of B.C. since 2003.

After graduating, Carolyn has studied extensively within the fields of infertility, obstetrics, gynecology, and hormonal health studying under such notable TCM experts as Raven Lang, Jean Levesque, Bob Flaws, Randine Lewis, Jane Lyttleton, Debra Betts, Kiiko Matsumoto, Sharon Weizenbaum, and David Bray.

While practicing in Victoria, Carolyn’s special interest was in women’s health where she gained tremendous experience working closely with various midwives, maternity care doctors, gynecologists, and the Victoria Fertility Center. She finds this work very rewarding because womens’ health conditions respond so effectively to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Carolyn’s other area of focus is pain and sports medicine. A former athlete, Carolyn understands the human body and has studied effective acupuncture techniques in the treatment of muscle, skeletal, and joint conditions. She has significant experience working with both athletes and weekend warriors, military personnel, and those struggling with chronic pain. She is well aware of the emotional difficulties associated with suffering from chronic pain and therefore incorporates five-element acupuncture techniques to help address the spirit-side of pain.

Carolyn is an advocate for the integration of TCM into modern medicine. She has taught and mentored TCM students and has been actively involved in educating and promoting Eastern Medicine. She is excited that Ontario legislated TCM as a regulated health profession on April 1, 2013. She believes in a team approach to healthcare after gaining much experience working alongside various western medicine practitioners and alternative medicine therapists within the Victoria community, where she practiced from 2003-2013.

In the 10 years that she practiced Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Victoria, Carolyn had the opportunity to work within multidisciplinary clinical settings, a women’s health clinic that focused on fertility and pregnancy care, served as an Acupuncturist to the Navy, and co-founded the Mandala Center for Health and Wellness in 2011. In the Spring of 2013, the desire to be closer to her family resulted in her returning back to Ontario. She is thrilled to bring her education, specializations, and 10 years of clinical experience that she gained on the West Coast to the Greater Toronto Area and is happy to be “home”.

“It is an honour and privilege to walk with each individual on their healing journey and bear witness to miracles everyday.”

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